What we do
The growth in labour productivity is lagging in the rich countries of Europe at large. We read that again and again. An important step in improving your labour productivity is the optimization of processes. In such a way that you focus on opportunities for process improvement instead of just getting an ISO certification. We review all activities and systems in your process from proposal to delivery. Or at your procurement system of ordering, receiving, staging and logistics for internal or external customers. The result is a clear map of the processes that offer direct links to improvements. We are reliable and do it fast. Our clients have been very satisfied with the results and indicate to us they have been learning a lot.

   Leadership, Strategy and Execution
   The Sales and Marketing Process
   Procurement Management
   Process Management after an order

The key to growth and improvement of results lies in the combination of leadership and the execution of your plans. In strategy you think about the “WHAT?” whereas in process management, the key question is “HOW?” In process management, we focus on the “HOW?” and on the application of technology within these processes. Optimization of your processes has a positive impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of your business in all fields.


Pinguin Management Consultants has developed a number of tools to scan your business processes in a short period of time. We take this as a starting point on the road to growth or improvement of your results. The Pinguin Kick-St@rt tools have been designed for the following areas:

   Business plan/yearly plan
   Marketing and Sales

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You choose the functional area that you would like to have scanned. You expect there are opportunities for improvement. Together with you, we design a short project. This consists of a planning of a number of interviews and the listing of existing available material. Each tool is focused on four areas of attention and has been worked out in more detail:


The result of the application of a Kick-St@rt tool by us consists of two parts:
 Presentation of the results (recommendations and strong and weak points)
 Process mapping
The benefit of the approach is in the combination of the two. The two parts quickly give you an insight in the opportunities to improve your processes. From here we can take the next steps.
If you are interested in a Pingu´n KickSt@rt , please click here