Assignment of a large operations department of a Dutch Ministry. Goal is to conduct a purchasing portfolio analysis and to come to a common roadmap for portfolio management. The findings of the portfolio analysis will be translated to practical operational actions and to the purchasing strategy.

Assignment from an international supplier to the construction industry. Goal of the assignment was to analyse all purchasing and logistics processes in the Dutch and Belgium parts of the business. All elements of the supply management and logistics function have been described in close cooperation with the key operations people. Aspects like purchasing strategy, organisation, sourcing, contractmanagement, order channels, systems and part-master, warehousing, staging and delivery and all the day-to-day operations have been analysed. All processes have been mapped. A clear cut priority list for change could easily be derived from the documentation.

Goal was to define a purchasing strategy and procurement appraoch for a substantial number of diverse areas within this large organization. The aim of the purchasing strategy was twofold. One was to create a guiding framework to help manage the operations from a purchasing perspective. The other one was to get grip on and reduce the total internal cost related to the various bidding processes. Various other key indicators have been linked to the purchasing strategy. From this conceptual framework a more standardized approach of specification and bidding is being put together. The project plays an important role in the new business model of the organization.

Integration of processes and systems after benelux merger
We were pleased with an International assignment of a US Multinational. The goal was to realize synergies after a merger in the Benelux. The scope was to streamline all sales and operational activities within three companies. The project focused on integration, streamlining and optimization of all processes and systems. Key areas of attention were the effectiveness and efficiency of a large number of processes. Change management and the mental preparation of the employees was also a key part of the project.

scan electricity market
Scan Electricity market for Business users. Scan of Dutch Electricity market for (large) Business users. Developments to be expected in this market. Basis for electricity contract.

Research participation in the area of “sustainable” procurement. Assignment from consultancy working for the Dutch government.

Business plan for mid sized company
For a fast growing and innovative company a business plan has been made. The purpose was to attract new capital in order to finance an international acquisition.

Training - Various
We have organized various training sessions in the areas of Strategic Management and Human Resource Management. We gave numerous speeches on e-procurement.

Selection of projects and experiences in other settings
strategic turnaround of purchasing function
A large scale Strategic Purchasing Project has been realized within a Dutch Multinational in cooperation with partners. The purchasing volume consisted of Euro 450 million. Purchasing policies, the purchasing organization and purchasing processes have been structurally changed. A large manpower reduction has been realized. A large number of purchasing categories have been re-sourced. This all has resulted in substantial savings.

Integration of service companies and close down of production
Two nationally operating service companies have been merged into the main organization. A production area has been closed down. All consequences in the areas of sales, procurement, operations, systems and HRM have been taken care of to the full satisfaction of all parties involved.

E-mail marketing campaigns
Various inter-active and personalized e-mail campaigns have been set up.

project implementation of SAP purchasing module
The implementation of a SAP purchasing module has been realized within a Dutch multinational with a very large purchasing volume.

start-up and financing
Within a start-up setting, a business plan has been made and a management team has been put in place within a very short period of time. Financing has been arranged from one of the big players within the Dutch Venture Capital Market.

Within a 5000 employee district of a large Dutch company the HRM department has been transformed from a functionally oriented department to a customer and service oriented unit.